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Copy and paste real world objects

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Copy and paste real world objects

Finally, an augmented reality (AR) app makes for the everyday user. ClipDrop enables users to copy-paste cut-out images real world objects and paste them into PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop images, and Canva documents.

The app uses the LIDAR sensors in the new iPhone and iPad Pro models to capture objects, isolating them from their backgrounds, and makes them ready to “paste” into workflows. See the demo below for a demonstration.

For those who don’t have a LIDAR sensor-enabled device, the app can use on-device intelligence to separate objects from their backgrounds. It is available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

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On top of real-world objects, the app can “clip” text from paper-based documents and make it ready to paste into computer documents as text. It can also work with pictures or screenshots that have already been taken.

The vision-based artificial intelligence that powers ClipDrop is incredibly accurate at cutting out backgrounds, and we tested it on a variety of objects with a non-LIDAR enabled iPhone with impressive results. The service also offers unlimited cloud storage for saving all the objects and text-based scans across devices for repeat pastes.

Until 20 November, the ClipDrop service costs $40 per year. Thereafter, it will cost $80. To learn more about ClipDrop, visit

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