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Useful Gadgets For Home – Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls in 2020! [40 Amazing Gifts]

Most Useful Gadgets

Useful Gadgets For Home – Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls in 2020! [40 Amazing Gifts]

Finding the best toys for 5 year old girls is a ton of fun. At five, your baby girl is old enough to want something a bit more “grown-up” and engaging to entertain her. This is also a great time to see what captivates your girl’s interest and help her develop it; it could be…

Useful Gadgets For Home – Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls in 2020! [40 Amazing Gifts]

Useful Gadgets For Home –

Finding the best toys for 5 year old girls is a ton of fun. At five, your baby girl is old enough to want something a bit more “grown-up” and engaging to entertain her. This is also a great time to see what captivates your girl’s interest and help her develop it; it could be art, reading, science, playing dress up, crafts, or something outdoorsy.

Below you’ll find a wide range of options for the best toys for five-year-old girls, broken down into helpful categories. While no two girls are alike, these are the toys many a 5-year old girl dreams of. (Bonus: boys will enjoy many of these toys, too!)

Here are the categories we’ll cover:

  • Award-Winning Toys
  • STEM Toys
  • Interactive Toys
  • Sensory Toys
  • Tech-y Toys
  • Musical Toys
  • Electrical Toys
  • Toy Sets
  • Creative Toys & Arts and Crafts
  • Outdoor Toys
  • Educational Toys and Games
  • Puzzles
  • Books

Useful Gadgets For Home – Award Winning Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Let’s start with the 2020 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award Winners. These toys are the top picks for 2020, as recognized by toy industry insiders, for their ability to engage, entertain and educate.

Rainbocorns Ultimate Sequin Surprise Series 2

Useful Gadgets For Home - Rainbocorns - Award winning toy for 5 year old girls

This toy won the coveted TOTY People’s Choice Award, so it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Not only does it offer girls a sparkly stuffed toy to care for, but the mystery of a surprise egg whose contents are unknown adds intrigue, too. There are ten layers of fun to hatch, and it comes with a collector’s guide so your girl can collect all 13 characters. This toy is both fun and adorable, making it a clear winner among the best gifts for 5-year-old girls.

Create a Castle Sand or Snow Castle Mold Set

Useful Gadgets For Home - Sand Castle
This Kit can be used to make snow or sand castles

Your little girl can enjoy this versatile toy in warm or cold weather, allowing her to precision-build the sand or snow castles of her dreams. There are multiple sets available at different price points, but this 5-piece Deluxe Set is a great place to start. It comes with a multipurpose tool, various battlement and window molds, and a mesh storage bag that is convenient and easy to clean.

Useful Gadgets For Home – STEM Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

STEM toys are those geared toward Science, Technology, Engineering or Math, and they can help kids develop useful skills. They also foster curiosity and ingenuity, making them ideal toys for 5-year-old girls, as their age makes them enthusiastic learners and problem-solvers.

FunzBo Flower Garden Building Toys for Girls

Useful Gadgets For Home - stem building toys for 5 year olds

While girls can be just as skilled in STEM subjects as boys, they tend to require a bit more encouragement in developing their confidence. That’s what makes this STEM toy ideal, as it is specifically geared toward girls. It’s an excellent manipulative, offering 47 pieces that your girl can mix and match and assemble in hundreds of different ways, allowing your girl to explore and learn without getting bored.

Monkey Balance Math Game

Useful Gadgets For Home - stem toys for 5 year old girls

This game offers such a fun way to build basic math skills! Your 5-year-old girl can work on basic addition, subtraction and counting, though it can’t be used for double-number arithmetic because the numbers only go up to 19. Still, it makes our list of best toys for 5-year-old girls because it also encourages retention and multi-dimensional learning.

KidzLabz Crystal Mining Kit

Useful Gadgets For Home -

This kit offers a great experience for girls to get a taste of science, geology and the natural world. It simulates a real-life crystal hunt, allowing your child to “excavate” the crystals on her own. If you’re looking for an independent play gift, this kit offers hours of fun.

Coding Critters

Useful Gadgets For Home -

This toy is a fantastic early introduction to coding – and it’s also 100 percent screen free! It uses a storybook adventure that allows your girl to design and solve endless coding challenges, plus the set includes interactive pets she can care for. If you’re looking to introduce coding in a fun and creative way, this is it.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Interactive Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Does your girl like toys that can respond to her? These interactive toy options will fit the bill and keep her engaged and entertained.

Hi-Tech Interactive Robot Doggy

Useful Gadgets For Home - Interactive Robot Doggy

Most 5-year-old girls are into puppies and kittens, but are they ready for the responsibility? Thanks to this wonderful robotic toy dog, you can offer a unique opportunity for your girl to play with an interactive toy dog.

your daughter is going to fall in love with this adorable gadget. One of the many reasons it falls into the 13 best toys for 5-year-old girls.

Interactive Talking World Map

Useful Gadgets For Home - Interactive World Map

At the age of five, most children begin to depict a higher understanding of the world around them, meaning interactive toys are bound to make an impact on their curious and developing minds. This talking map of the world offers a push-to-talk feature that lets kids learn more than 1,000 facts about 92 countries. It is an engaging learning and playing experience for any child, but particularly for 5-year-old girls with a curiosity about geography or travel.

Pixie Belles Interactive Enchanted Animal Toy

Useful Gadgets For Home -

If you’re looking for a toy unlike anything else your girl has, this super-unique interactive Pixie Belle will certainly make her smile! Part interactive robot and part stuffed animal, they change color depending on their mood, they have interchangeable wearable tails, and they contain a magnetic power pod that allows your girl to stick her Pixie Belle to her clothing. There are three different ways to play with them, too: Nurture Mode, Pixie Power Dance Mode and Spin Mode. This one little toy offers something for every girl!

Useful Gadgets For Home – Sensory Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

If your girl is high-energy or anxious at times, these sensory toys are designed to help her relax, focus and calm down when needed. They’re also great for developing fine motor skills.

Mad Matt-R Doh

Useful Gadgets For Home - Best toys for 5 year olds

This is one of my little girl’s favorite toys. Mad Matt-R will have all your kiddos obsessed. It is much better than Kinetic sand and NEVER DRIES OUT. This is a great sensory toy and our kids absolutely love it.

Monkey Noodles

Useful Gadgets For Home - monkey noodle gift for 5 year olds

Besides having a super-fun name, these stretchy, twirlable and squeezable fidget strings offer hours of enjoyment for busy little hands. They stretch from just 8 inches up to ten feet long! They’re non-toxic, phthalate-free and made in the USA. They’re lots of fun for all ages (adults, too!) but particularly for preschool and Kindergarten-aged kiddos.

Lil’Gen Water Beads

Useful Gadgets For Home - Water Beads toy for 5 year olds

If you aren’t familiar with water beads yet, you’ll find these to be so much fun! They’re great for sensory and motor skills toys, but they also allow your girl to get creative, to color-sort and match and to practice hand-eye coordination using the included tweezers and scooping tools. You simply add water and let the beads “grow” for four hours, then they can be played with in a large bowl, a plastic bin, a water table or even a child’s swimming pool or bathtub. They’re also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Tech-y Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Our kids are surrounded by technology these days, and their developing brains are perfectly suited to absorb it. If your little girl tends to covet your phone and other technology, these toys will make her feel more grown-up with a few tech-y gadgets of her very own.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Useful Gadgets For Home -

This hands-on learning game will last your girl for many years, as it contains different levels of learning up to age 10. Your little lady can practice her spelling, math, problem-solving and creativity all while having fun and playing games. (Note that this toy requires an iPad, which is not included.)

Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch

Useful Gadgets For Home - Smart watch for girls

Adult smartwatches have nothing on this adorable version for little girls! It has 55 different digital and analog watch faces so it can be used to learn tell time, and it also comes with two cameras for taking photos and videos. It’s splash and sweat-proof (though it should not be submerged) and the wristband can be changed out in three simple steps. It also comes with free content, like a monster-catcher game, a motion sensor for active play challenges, and a pedometer for step-counting. If your girl likes feeling grown-up, this is definitely one of the best gifts for 5-year-old girls.

Vtech KidiZoom Camera

Useful Gadgets For Home -

This might look like just another toy camera, but it actually takes real digital photographs. Your girl can take selfies, snap photos of her friends, record videos or use the voice-only recorder. It also comes with a few built-in games, a photo collage template and 35+ fun filters and effects to add to pics. You can connect it to your computer to download your budding photographer’s creations, though it requires a micro USB cable, which is sold separately.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Musical Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Music is great for kids for so many reasons. It’s often a shared activity, meaning it can help to foster social-emotional skills, and kids can also learn to express their emotions through music. Of course, music also nurtures your girl’s creativity and imagination.

Move2Play Motown Magic Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Useful Gadgets For Home -

Do you have a budding performer? This microphone comes loaded with 30 famous songs, but its Bluetooth connection means it can play any song in your Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube library. The stereo acoustic speakers will make your girl feel like a true star, or she can have fun with the included voice effects that can let her sing in a chipmunk voice and more. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to eight hours of fun.

Stoie’s International Wooden Music Set

Useful Gadgets For Home -

This awesome musical instrument set is proof that toys don’t have to look flashy to be tons of fun. It includes one tambourine, one castanet, one hand drum, two hand bells, one maraca, one flute, one wooden block and stick, one wood sounder and one chime bar with stick. With so much variety, it’s a great way to introduce kids to different types of music. It’s all made with durable, kid-friendly wood that is free from paint or chemicals and is friendly to the environment, too. It also comes with a handy cotton carrying bag for easy storage or transport. Creating music with international instruments also has the benefit of helping your girl develop her confidence and become open minded about other cultures across the globe.

VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

Useful Gadgets For Home - Karaoke toys for kids

At age five, your little girl is starting to develop her own tastes and opinions about everything under the sun – music included! This kid-friendly music player will allow her to play her favorites over and over. Plus, it includes a feature that will play each song in three different styles (classical, hip-hop and rock) so she can experiment with different musical traditions.

This music player is also loaded with ten musical learning games that help kids learn letters, numbers, animals, instruments, telling time and more. It comes complete with kid-friendly headphones with volume protection to keep your girl’s ears safe, too. It requires two AAA batteries, which are included.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Electrical Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Sure, open-play toys are fun, but sometimes you want a toy with a bit more gadgetry. These toys are all easily operated by little fingers, though they may require some parental set-up.

Enchantmints Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box

Useful Gadgets For Home -

If your little girl is into jewelry and likes to dig in your jewelry box, get her this adorable music box. It’s perfect for your little girl’s accessories and any little treasures she adores, and the various tiny drawers will let her feel like she’s got her own little hiding place for her most prized possessions.

Jewelry boxes are always a good addition to a girl’s bedroom, she can use it every time she plays dress up, too. It’s an all-around lovely gift for 5-year old girls.

Crayola Electric Airbrush Kit

Useful Gadgets For Home - air sprayer

This wonderful electronic spray pen is perfect for artwork, decorating and drawing. The average runtime of the pen’s battery is forty minutes, so long enough for your 5-year-old’s attention span, and ideal for a small project. The pen has washable watercolor markers along with five templates. Don’t worry, the paint is washable!

Kids Power Tool Workshop

Useful Gadgets For Home -

Every little girl should get to feel empowered and independent, and this tool bench and electric tools set will remind her that she’s capable of anything. The set includes 41 pieces in all, including a drill, tape measure, screwdriver and more, and they are all functional and realistic – while still quite safe.

Not only are tool sets fun, but they help to improve hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and spatial imagination abilities. Whether your little lady enjoys mimicking mom and dad working around the house or she simply loves imaginative play, this tool set will be a great gift for your 5-year-old girl.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Toy Sets & Dolls for 5-Year-Old Girls

There’s something about toys that opens up imaginative possibilities for kids. Here are a few of our favorites.

Healthy Roots Doll Zoe

Useful Gadgets For Home - healthy roots doll

Zoe (and her beautiful hair that is bigger than life) can help your little one to learn to love their curls. Her hair is specially designed so that it can be washed and styled in any way that you can think of. You can even use real products when testing out different hairstyles!

She is 18″ in height with vinyl limbs and a soft body torso, making her the perfect doll for your little one to bring along anywhere she goes.

*Zoe is in such high demand that she often sells out! But you can always place a preorder.

Melissa & Doug Sweet Hearts Wooden Bead Set

Useful Gadgets For Home - melissa and doug - wooden toy for 5 year olds

This is a wooden hearts bead set, specially crafted to be easy for little hands to use. It combines crafts with accessories and the wooden lacing beads are perfect for making tiny bracelets and necklaces.

The set contains approximately 120 wooden beads and five different colored cords for variety. It promotes both fine motor skills and cognitive skills, and it’s wonderful for helping budding fashion designers express their creativity and individual style, too.

KidKraft Sweet Savannah Girls Dollhouse

Useful Gadgets For Home - kid craft wooden doll house - best gift for 5 year olds

What little girl doesn’t love a doll house? It’s a classic gift, but one that still works as well today as it did generations ago. This option is big and has three levels for your girl to create different themes and settings for playtime.

This dollhouse is perfect for dolls up to 12 inches high. The house comes with thirteen pieces of furniture and accessories, though more can be purchased. The setup process requires an adult, but your little lady will thoroughly enjoy every moment from setup to play time.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Puppy Daycare

Useful Gadgets For Home - lego friends toys

Let’s face it, LEGO is a hit with almost every child. Not only do the tiny blocks aid in the development of a child’s brain and fine motor skills, but cute sets like this pet shop make for great opportunities for open play, which is one of the best ways for kids to learn.

Your baby girl can build everything from scratch and enjoy playing with the product of her labor. This LEGO Friends set comes with 280 pieces, some of which are quite small and not suitable for babies and toddlers.

DC Super Hero Girls Action Figures

Useful Gadgets For Home - bestgifts for 5 year old girls - action figures

Here is something different from the same old Barbies your girl has been playing with for years! Our girls develop their ideas about feminism and gender from what we surround them with.

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If your girl likes playing with dolls, how about getting her a few DC superheroines to play with? These action figures come with assorted accessories and introduce the best toys for 5 year old girls to some powerful images of women.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Creative Toys & Arts and Crafts

Creative and crafty toys are excellent for building cognitive ability and developing creativity – as well as tearing your daughter away from the iPad for a change. These toy options for 5-year-old girls are fun and engaging for any child, but most especially those with a creative bent.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Useful Gadgets For Home - art case - great gift for 5 year olds

Isn’t this kit just gorgeous? The beautiful case is enough to inspire any child’s creativity, and the 140 different art supplies inside provide opportunities to let them run wild. There are crayons, colored pencils and washable markers, along with 15 large pieces of paper.

It’s a great indoor activity for the cooler seasons or rainy days, and multiple kids can easily use it at the same time. If you have a budding artist on your hands, this is definitely one of the best toys for 5-year-old girls.

Rock Painting Kit

Useful Gadgets For Home - rock painting kit for kids

This kit is designed to spark creativity outside the realm of traditional rock painting by including not just paint, but stickers, gems, glitter glue and googly eyes. Your girl will truly be able to make some fun creations! The kit also comes with ten rocks, although you could certainly source additional rocks on your own to create even more.

Paint brushes and sponges are also included, along with an instruction manual for creating some of the examples on the box. Of course, with a kit like this, your little girl can also create whatever her growing mind can imagine.

Quick Knit Loom Kit for Beginners

Useful Gadgets For Home - quick loom kit

Crafts like knitting have made a huge comeback in recent years, and this is a great kit for a young girl to begin with, especially if she’s the naturally creative type. The provided loom allows your child to create rainbow accessories, including a pom-pom hat and cup cozy.

Since it’s also an open-ended creative endeavor, she can design her own projects, too, with 90 yards of chunky rainbow yarn. Using a loom involves repetitive wrapping and hooking, making it helpful for fine motor coordination, math, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, too.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Outdoor Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Kids thrive when they get outside in the fresh air and sunshine, with freedom to run, jump, play and develop new physical skills. These toys encourage outdoor activity and they make it fun, too! Studies show that kids burn more calories when playing outdoors, and it also helps to strengthen their bones and muscles, making these some of the best toys for 5-year-old girls.

Outdoor Explorer Kit and Bug Catcher Kit

Some girls just love the creepy crawlies! This kit has everything a curious, outdoorsy kid could want! The set includes a compass, binoculars, a flashlight, a butterfly net and critter case, tweezers, a hat and an explorer’s backpack. It would be great for camping trips or just nature walks in your own backyard, and it actually lets kids catch bugs to examine without even touching them – a major plus for some kiddos! The kit can be used over and over again for countless outdoor explorations. So, it grows with your little girl, too.

Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Since this is a card game, it can be transported nearly anywhere for hours of outdoor exploration and fun, and it’s a great family activity, too. The game includes 35 cards with both words and pictures on them, so even non-readers can easily play.

Kids draw a card and then run off to find something to match it. It’s a great way for your girl to discover more about nature, while having lots of fun – and getting some exercise and fresh air – in the process.

Battery Powered Kid’s Motorcycle

This is one of the pricier toys on our list, but it may just be the coolest ride in town, too! It’s made to look like a motorcycle. The bike has the same balance base and ride feel as a motorized tricycle, making it safe and comfortable for your little girl.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, but it also requires separate AA batteries for all of the cool light-up features. It doesn’t go faster than three miles per hour, and a full charge will last 1-2 hours. If your girl truly wants to ride in style, this motorcycle can also play music by connecting an MP3 AUX port, a USB or a TF card.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Educational Toys and Games for 5-Year-Old Girls

Some kids love to learn, while others need a bit of prodding at times! These educational toys and games make learning fun, and you’ll see your girl coming back to them time and again.

Brain Quest Kindergarten

This is probably the time in your special little girl’s life when she has just gone to Kindergarten, or she’s preparing to go soon. These cards are an excellent learning tool, and they’re illustrated to keep your child interested. It is great for reinforcing learning from the classroom, or for getting a head-start. Kids are inquisitive by nature and quiz games are bound to keep them involved, so we recommend giving this one a try.

Zingo! Sight Words Game

This is a best-seller board game on Amazon for a reason! It was a Toy of the Year finalist in 2013 and is said to be the very best at helping kids from Kindergarten to second grade learn sight words.

This toy is equally fun for pre-readers and new/early readers, and it’s been described as a “stealth learning experience” because kids don’t even realize how much knowledge and skill they’re gaining while they play. Exactly what you want in an educational toy, right?

Bunchems Bunch’n Build Activity Kit


Bunchems let kids shape and create dozens of animals, shapes and other creations. They come with shapers included, and these are absolutely wonderful for imaginative play. The kit includes an inspiration guide to get you started, but your girl can make anything she wants with these unique toys and they can be used over and over again. Learn more about all the reasons to love Bunchems over on

Flash Cards Basic Picture Words

Available on Amazon. 

OK, these are a little less toy and a bit more learning tool, but Flash Cards combine learning with quality time with parents and other trusted adults, making them something young children will enjoy. Kids are naturally drawn to activities where an adult is actively participating, especially a parent or guardian. Also, 5 year old girls are in the early phases of developing their social skills and their attention span is increasing, and flash cards offer an early way of both bonding and helping your child learn to recognize common sight words so she can begin learning to read.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Puzzles for 5-Year-Old Girls

Many girls find puzzles fun but, more importantly, they’re a sneaky way to teach your child to overcome challenges and frustration in order to practice her problem solving. Puzzles give kids higher self-esteem and a sense of pride, and they assist in the development of emotional, cognitive and physical skills all at the same time, making them great gift ideas for a 5-year-old girl.

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles

Available on Amazon.

These aren’t your normal puzzles! We all know how kids just love playing with the magnets on the refrigerator, which makes this magnetic puzzle tons of fun for a 5-year-old. It appeals to their aesthetic sense and keeps their busy little hands occupied, and they can use the 250 magnets to create more than 1,000 things. The puzzle set comes with a design book that challenges your child to replicate various pictures. If you have a girl who likes puzzles, this is an excellent gift for her.

HABA Animal Upon Animal Game

Available on Amazon.

Strictly speaking, this is a game and not a puzzle, but it utilizes the same skill set your girl needs for traditional puzzles – just in a more creative way. It’s like taking traditional building blocks and kicking them up a notch. More complicated puzzles and building with smaller toys are appealing to 5-year-olds, and child psychologists say that puzzles help develop problem-solving skills and increase attention span and focus on a task. Games like these aid in the mental development of the transitional periods in a child’s life. This game is the right amount of challenging and endearing to keep a young girl’s attention.

60-Piece Wooden Puzzle Pack

Available on Amazon.

At five years old, 60-piece puzzles are a bit challenging for most kids, but without causing too much undue frustration. This puzzle pack comes with four separate wooden puzzles, classic jigsaw in design and made from durable and safe wood. These puzzles are brain-boosting, stimulating and can be assembled over and over again by your little puzzler.

Useful Gadgets For Home – Books for 5-Year-Old Girls

Books teach us, allow us to escape to new worlds and better develop our own language habits. Even if your girl isn’t reading on her own yet, reading books aloud to children stimulates their developing brains and their imaginations, while also expanding their understanding of the world. Below are just a few of our personal favorites.

Goodnight Stories for the Rebel Girls, Books 1 and 2 Gift Set

Available on Amazon.

If you have a tiny rebel in your home who just doesn’t fit into the “little pink box” that we make for our girls, you must get this book set! It contains wonderful stories of hundreds of extraordinary and influential women, giving young girls so much more to aspire to than fairytale princesses. It inspires girls to set lofty goals for themselves, reminds them that courage and hard work are the best ways to achieve them, and instills in girls that they can truly be whatever they want to be.

Adventure Girls: Crafts and Activities for Curious, Creative, Courageous Girls

Available on Amazon.

While this one isn’t a story book, it’s an awesome reminder for your girl that she was built for adventure, and for learning and creating. It’s packed with projects and activities that encourage independence and inspire imagination, such as stargazing, animal tracking and building a shadow theatre. It would be a great gift for an adventure-seeking girl, or for one who is working on coming out of her shell and developing her confidence.

At age five year old, girls are keen, interactive, social and ready to absorb information like a sponge. The best toys for 5 year old girls create a culture of activity and an education-conducive environment. Through toys, games and books, girls will grow in knowledge, skill and confidence.

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